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On consultation with you, we will choose the best treatments & products for your skin. Ask our therapists for more information.

At Beauty by the Bay we use products by Thalgo, Intraceuticals and Ultraceuticals | More



Australian made and owned, Ultraceuticals multi-active skincare products are for use and recommendation by medical and skincare professionals. Ultraceuticals treatment products are dermatologically tested for safety and efficacy.


Ultraceuticals is regarded as the only Australian professional skincare brand developed to international standards and its products are complemented by the Ultraceuticals peel treatments.



A haven of relaxation for sensitive skin. The riches of the marine universe: oligo-elements, proteins, amino acids and vitamins are captured within the Thalgo philosophy.

Vital for health and well-being we can benefit from the goodness of marine-based treatments and products.

For thousands of years the power of marine therapies has been renowned for their dramatic effects in revitalising, rebalancing and healing the body. Today, throughout the world, the finest destination spas and beauty salons offer Thalgo treatments and spa therapies.



An exciting new range of beauty products and treatments using hyperbaric oxygen technology being used by many Hollywood Stars and across the globe.


Based on the concept that high pressure therapeutic grade Hyperbaric Oxygen could be applied in the world of cosmetic skincare and combined with research conducted by leading universities in Australia, Intraceuticals developed a serum that when used in conjunction with oxygen immediately plumps and hydrates the surface of the skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.



Vani-T’s professional tanning range is loved and requested by A-list celebrities, beauty editors and TV shows around the world for it’s famous just-off-the-beach glow. The most believable, flawless, long lasting tan imaginable is achieved (proven to fade 80% better than other leading brands). Our tanning formulas also disguise cellulite, stretchmarks, making you look and feel thinner and sexier.

Vani-T offers three totally unique, natural and organic based cosmeceutical formulas for the most discerning client:

  • no orange tones
  • long lasting and fades evenly
  • authentic cocoa brown colour
  • no tell-tale odour
  • intensely hydrating

We utilise the world’s finest quality natural and organic ingredients ensuring a premium sunless experience. Millions of people around the world have trusted Vani-T tanning products to bronze their body beautiful.

Soshan – Brow Boost


Over 95% Natural but formulated specifically for eyebrows.

A concentrated serum, formulated for the eyebrow hair to target directly at the root. Promoting natural growth of the brow hair. Healthy function of the brow hair is supported with a vitamin bearing peptide compound of amino acids to protect & boost the brow hair follicle for fuller thicker eyebrows.

The vasodilatory (reddening effect of Brow Boost literally boosts blood circulation to the brow then as your blood circulation recedes, the unique formula carries the high performance serum deep into the brow hair follicle where it replenishes much needed nutrients direct to where they will work best – at the brow hair follicle.

Soshan – Lavish Lash


Over 92% Natural but formulated specifically for lashes.

A mild, yet concentrated serum, gentle enough to use near your eyes, formulated specifically to target the eyelashes directly at the root, promoting natural growth of your own eyelashes. Because it is being used so close to the eyes, Lavish Lash does not have the same vasodilatory ingredients in Brow Boost so therefore there is no flushed, red appearance, but the same vitamin bearing peptide compound of amino acids is used in a milder base to supports healthy function of the lashes whilst still protecting them from chemical mascaras. This helps boost the natural growth of the lash for fuller, thicker, “Lavish” Lashes.

Lavish Lash gently, yet effectively, boosts circulation to the lashes, carrying the unique, high performance serum that’s mild enough to use around the eye.

By penetrating deep into the lash follicle, this replenishes much needed nutrients directly to the root of the lash for longer lashes, naturally!